Middle Event

Date: Saturday, September 7th


  • 2:00pm – First Middle Start
  • 3:30pm – Last Middle Start
  • 5:30pm – Course Closure

Start interval: 2 minutes

Maximum time on course: 120 minutes

Course setter: Chris Bullock

Course controller: Marion Owen

Map: Myrtle Benchlands, (new 2016). Scale – see table below. Contour intervals – 5m.

Course setter notes: Generally open, white forest with clearings and a few green areas. Some of the area has been thinned and mechanically disturbed.
Some trail network, intricate contours with some steep areas.

Location: A short drive/cycle (5 kms) south of Kimberley centre, follow Hwy. 95A south to the Forest Crowne turn off on your right, then follow O signs. If coming from the south (Cranbrook), drive/cycle 4 kms north of Marysville on Highway 95A to the Forest Crowne turn off on the left, then follow O signs.



Parking 300m on the right as you enter Forest Crowne. Some will be parked along the road or further up. Follow parking guides.

Toilets: At parking area near the start.