Long Event

Date: Sunday, September 8th


  • 10:00 – First Start
  • 11:15 – Last Start
  • 2:15 – Courses Close
  • 2:30 – Awards (or earlier if possible)

Start intervals: 3 minutes

Maximum time on course: 3 hours

Course setter: Wakana Heilman

Course controller: Ron Monk

Map: Sylvan Lake (updated 2018).

Course setter notes: This is in the Cranbrook Community Forest by the College of the Rockies.
Areas of various trails with primarily open white forest with numerous yellow areas, patches of green in wetter areas. Many rock features are scattered throughout the map, very detailed contoured features.

Location: Cranbrook. Drive to Cranbrook College of the Rockies where ample parking is available.


CategoriesM10, F10, Open1F11-12, M11-12, Open2F13-14, M13-14, Open3F15-16, M15-16, Open4M75+, F75+,F80+,M80+,F85+,M85+,Open5F17-20,F45+,F55+,M65+,F65+, Open6M17-20, F21E, F35+,M45+,M55+, Open7M21E, M35+
Map scale75007500 or 1000010000100007500 or 100007500 or 1000010000 or 1500015000


There is a large parking lot at the College of the Rockies. The distance between parking lot to start is approximately 500 m. Toilets are available inside the College of the Rockies.